Our overhead racks can be installed in almost any area of a wood framed structure. If your structure is built with concrete or steel studs then you can only free hang your rack from wood ceiling trusses. We recommend to always mount at least one side of the rack against the wall, by doing that you will have a more stable rack and also transfer load weight to your wall studs instead of the ceiling. Mounting the frame directly to the wall also makes the installation process much easier because most of the trouble homeowners have, is from mounting ceiling brackets.

USA Overhead racks can be customized to any size in 1” increments. Below we have packaged some of the most popular sizes. If you need something custom we can build anything in 1" increments. All of our racks can connect to each other to create larger platforms. (example 4ft x 8ft rack and a 4ft x4ft rack can connect together to make a 4ft x 12ft rack)

Here are some tips to help decide what to buy. Start by going into your garage with a tape measure. Start analyzing the top 2-3 ft perimeter of the garage. Find an empty corner or wall space usually away from your entry door and ensure there are no obstructions on the ceiling or wall in this area.

Once you have a good location use the tape measure to decide how big of a rack you need, hold out the tape measurer to try and picture the rack. 4ft wide? 2ft wide? 4ft long, 8ft long? Keep in mind we can make any custom sizes in 1" increments.

Now that you have your platform size, decide how low you want to hang from the ceiling. We offer two ranges of vertical height. 12" to 26" or 27" to 38" and any custom size in 1" increments.

We recommended you always mount the rack at least 6ft 2in. above the floor as to not hit your head on the rack and to stay above most vehicles.

Do you want to be able to stack your tubs? How tall are the items you want to put in the rack? How tall is my vehicle I want to park under? These are all questions to consider before your purchase.

*We always prefer you to mount up against a wall, although that isn’t necessary. If you are not placing the longest side against a wall then you will need to add the "Extra Vertical Post Package". This package will come with all the extra ceiling brackets and vertical posts needed to free hang your rack. * Any rack not mounted to a wall, of any brand will move as you load and unload your items which is our main reason for this recommendation.

90% of the racks we install are mounted against a wall. USA Overhead racks uses a 13 gauge 1 ½" steel which is very costly to purchase and ship. We separated the extra supports package to be able to offer the best price for the most common installations we see.

We sell our racks in two separate kits
1st is the Frame KitWith our frame kit you can use your own decking material if you choose to do so. This is the most affordable route. We recommend to use 1/4" hardboard or plywood, usually less than $20 at your local hardware store.

2nd is the Optional DeckingIf you choose to use our powder coated steel decking it comes in a separate package with its own instructions for securing the decking. You may also use your own decking material such as hardwood or plywood. Anything thicker than ¼" may require notching where the nuts and bolts are connected.

USA Overhead Racks uses a heavier gauge steel than any of our competitors and it's made right here in the USA!We ship items in separate packages and offer a solution for your own decking to keep it as affordable and flexible as possible for the customer.

With our unmatched customer service, you can send us pictures, diagrams, or just measurements of what you want. We will respond promptly with an exact cost for your job. Custom orders usually ship within 5-7 business days after approval. 
Name Price (EA) Height Quantity
4ft x 8ft Overhead Rack Frame Kit $269.00
2 Options For Height - Hangs
12" to 26" or 27" to 38" from ceiling.
4ft x 4ft Overhead Rack Frame Kit $159.00
Hangs 12" to 26" or 27" to 38" from ceiling.
2ft x 8ft Overhead Rack Frame Kit $209.00
Hangs 12" to 26" or 27" to 38" from ceiling.
2ft x 4ft Overhead Rack Frame Kit $109.00
Hangs 12" to 26" or 27" to 38" from ceiling.
Extra Vertical Post Package $59.00
Includes enough extra vertical post to free hang your rack. Must select 1 per rack purchased.
This must be purchased if you are not mounting the longest side of the rack against a wall or if you are mounting above a garage door.

4ft x 8ft Steel Decking $169.00
4ft x 4ft Steel Decking $109.00
2ft x 4ft Steel Decking $79.00
2ft x 8ft Steel Decking $109.00
Magnetic Stud Finder $25.00
2 Story Home Bolts Package $15.00
See our help section about installing into 2 story homes.